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2023 will be different: Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

2023 will be different. Of that I am certain!

I'm going into the new year more philosophical than last year, bordering on melancholy. I'm not seeing the "downer" as a negative. I'm seeing it as an even-ing out. A balancing act. A swing of the pendulum.

My life has been storybook-like over the last few years - in fact, since I moved back to Texas. Things have gone my way. I've had 3 fantastic jobs. Currently, I find myself in the position that I can imagine retiring from. I can imagine retiring from my current post and thinking, "I've run the race; I've finished the course!"

In other arenas, I'm doing well, too. True to our #BuzzEastTexas and #PreppingForward tags, we are getting the homestead in tip-top shape. It's not all sunshine and roses - although we have both - it's also weeds and thorns. But each year, the homestead is better than it was the year before. We're making steady progress.

Health-wise, I've almost completely bounced back from my Aug 2020 car accident. About the only way I haven't caught up is in my tennis game. And, I'm optimistic about that! My check-ups are usually good. Those indicators that the Doctor talks about - high blood pressure and cholesterol and the like are all unchanged or improved - no steps backward.


So, why the melancholy? I don't know.

Really, I don't. I have theories. After the storybook run, there is bound to be a bump or two.

That's why I see this as just a course correction. I'm moving ahead anyway. I'm making resolutions. I'm taking action (1 action per day related to at least 1 resolution - that's my plan.)

Examples of my action items so far:



  • In support of my gardening resolution, I planted more garlic pots, transplanted some tomato seedlings into trays for the grow lights in the greenhouse, and started some new seedlings (Roma tomatoes, Anaheim peppers, Poblano peppers.)

  • In support of my tennis resolution, I contacted another tennis facility about possible times to play.

  • Oh, and in support of my blogging resolution, I wrote this!

Something I remember from a spiritual seminar LONG AGO, is that the way to break a downward cycle is to not feed it. Finding the energy to take action is the best thing to do for oneself. (If you can't find the energy, ask for help.) So, I'm making resolutions and plans and taking action - even if they're baby steps. I saw a meme on Facebook today that sums it up - attributed to Theodore Roosevelt no less: "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

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