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Cross the Brazos at Newcastle

A post from Facebook with a neat bridge over the Brazos reminded me of a bit of personal history and a song lyric!

And my own comments:

We would have crossed the Brazos at Newcastle on the way to the Adams' family reunion at least once or twice! There was always a debate about whether to turn south toward Breckenridge or continue through Throckmorton so we could "see the old place in Haskell County". I know at least once that we did.

I know because I recall going through "the old place" - after it had been abandoned - when I was in about 4th or 5th grade. "The old place" was a 2 room house. It would have been the place where Granny and Granddad Ashby weathered Black Sunday. It would have been the place that Daddy spent more than one day in a box with Aunt Myrt while Granny kept wet towels over the top - to protect them from the dust!!!

So, I know I crossed this bridge.

Long story short, LOL.

I also found an article about Black Sunday which I first heard about from my father's first-hand account!

And, a copy of the - unrelated - song lyric about crossing the Brazos at Waco:

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