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#BuzzEastTexas update: Hard-Work-and-Saturday-Porch-Sitting as therapy

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Posted on Facebook last night. There was a big response. Really I was just posting to have the update on my memories for future years! But, I'm super glad that these updates are still exciting to friends on Facebook. There is hope for the world as long as we find pleasure in the little things of life!

After I posted, I went out on the porch with a glass of wine to scroll through Facebook and see what my friends were up to. The ninja joined me. When he sat in his chair it ripped out from under him. Embarrassed to say, I laughed.

Who knew that Saturday evenings on the porch would end up being the things that I live for? (Truthfully, my sister and my mother are likely not surprised. It's just the sort of Saturday night we would have reveled in when I was a child!)

Here's the post from Facebook:


I'm just checking in. Life is chugging along. A few more items on my to do list than I want. But nothing I can't handle.

The chickens are pecking. The bees are buzzing and putting lots of honey away. We'll be harvesting honey soon. The cows are fat and 1 baby calf is due any day now.

The spring garden is almost gone. Just a few carrots, spinach and some spindly broccoli left. The tomatoes and peppers are only just starting to get ripe. The cucumbers and watermelon are looking good. The blackeyed peas are getting tall and full.

The puppies are terrified of the turkey (Tom Terrific). They don't like to go outside the yard with me as much as they used to.

The lavender rooster still hates me. I'm thinking chicken dinner if we get a good lavender rooster out of the 6 we hatched earlier.

2 plum trees we planted didn't make it. So, I got a fig and an apple from the bargain bin at Huffmans in Commerce. Fingers crossed. The pears and peaches we planted are coming along fairly well. The pecan trees we planted our first year all look good right now.

If you read this far, you're a saint! I do like having these progress reports show up in my memory feeds.


One of my friends commented about how much hard work that sounded like. I responded: "it really is. But I enjoy it all, so there's that. Also, instead of a gym membership, I get paid (not much, but paid) to workout. Instead of worrying about inflation, I'm fighting it. Instead of worrying about our planet, I'm trying to learn to be kind to it. What I do is mostly therapy."

And there you have it. Hard Work and Saturday Porch Sitting as therapy.

#BuzzEastTexas #PreppingForward

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