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A Christian's meditation on USA Independence Day

What am I dependent on that I need to declare my independence from? What will I do differently tomorrow to win that independence?

July 4th was only a declaration. The independence wasn't a done deal. I'm here to proclaim it is still BEING WON. And just like the cliche of "every kid gets a ribbon", I'm not going to get complacent until every one wins their independence!

As a Christian, I believe it isn't likely to happen until Jesus returns.

However, and this is important, Jesus didn't teach us a "Lord's Prayer" that says "just wait until you get to heaven." He taught us to pray, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

Therefore, Micah 6:8 " kindness...walk humbly..."

I haven't puzzled it out yet what I want to declare my independence from today. If it comes to me, I'll let y'all know!


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