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The State of United

I'm planning a monthly (or maybe semi-monthly) Podcast. It will be video-based, but probably suitable for audio also.

The premise: we agree on more than we disagree. We can learn things from people with whom we disagree. We can solve problems and make things better while working with people with whom we disagree. We can come up with better ideas when we really listen to people with whom we disagree.

The format:

- a talk show

- 1:1 interviews

- followed by a roundtable

The total length should be about 30 minutes, so the interviews will be brief and the roundtable will be, too.

A few notional topics:

- pet ownership

- Made in China

- the national debt

- STEM in K-12

I'm looking for volunteers among people I know - IRL - to participate.

I little bit more about the format:

- I'll have a co-host - can be rotated. My sister will start.

- I'll supply interview questions ahead of time. My co-host and I will pose each question to each participant (3-5 per episode) via a zoom call (or similar technology). There will likely be conversations around these questions. But it could be just as simple as question/answer, question/answer, question/answer if desired.

- Each participant will have a week to listen to the other participants.

- Then we'll all join a zoom call (or similar technology) for the roundtable.

- There are rules for the roundtable:

- Each participant must be willing to change their mind going in.

- Each participant must share something they learned from someone with whom they disagree. Even if it's just a new empathy.

- The "something learned" cannot be followed by, "but..."

- Some of the questions/answers and roundtable discussions may be edited for brevity. But the edits will be available to the whole group before being published.

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