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Ross Perot: Texan, proud, a Statesman

How do we petition to get the flags at half-staff? They should be.

Right or wrong, Ross Perot changed the face of US Politics. I was one of the 19%. I believe that 19% still exists. Those of us who believe in the American Dream. Not a monochrome dream. Not a 1% dream. Not a blue dream. Not a black dream. Not a red dream. Not an educated dream. Not a coastal dream. Not a flyover dream. Just a dream.

Just a dream that all men are endowed by their Creator with unalienable Rights. Just a dream that We the People can govern ourselves. Just a dream that having saved the world from Hitler, we can save the world from itself. Just a dream that our children can be judged by the content of their character. Just a dream that, having landed on the Moon, we can land on Mars. Just a dream that, having signed treaties to limit nukes, we can keep them limited. Just a dream that having solved technical puzzles such as steam engines, light bulbs, internal combustion, wind power, solar power and tiny electronics, we can solve the next technical puzzles of clean energy and natural foods.

That is the dream that I have - of the basic value and ingenuity of the people of the US. That is the dream that I believe I shared with Ross. He deserves a fitting memorial.


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