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Reflections on being a 21st century Dentonite

Took the day off work to come over and be a witness to some important financial business my 89-yr-old mom is doing (89? Doing high finance? A topic for another post.)

Transaction all finished before lunch, but by the time I got back to the office in Hunt County, there wouldn't be a lot of the day left! So, here I sit at LSA Burger with a margarita and the Ready Freddie burger and ruminate.

I'm a 5th generation Dentonite (if you count the surrounding rural area.) I got to hear some of my mom's best stories this morning while we transacted business at DATCU with a really cool guy named Jacob. About how my dad (with a D average in HS) decided to go to North Texas in the early days of their life together. About how she herself finished a 40-year career at TWU and finished her own Masters and did everything to get PhD EXCEPT to do her own independent research. Instead, she helped untold numbers of students get theirs, conducting the lab work as well as the statistical analysis.

All while being supermom to 2 little girls who never missed a dance lesson or girl scout meeting or volleyball practice or play rehearsal! Mostly, she would credit Dr Pauline Gracia Beery Mack for this. But the village of sisters and other moms trying to do it all helped for sure! As well as a mother-in-law without equal and her own mom.

So, here I sit. Having lunch as a visitor, after s

pending 34 of my 60 years AWAY from Denton County. Mostly FAR away. Now spending lunch hour with a bartender named Scott at LSA. I think it's a lunch my mom would have enjoyed. Had she been born in 1964 instead of 1935. Today she tends toward Cracker Barrel and McDonalds.

I'm lucky. Everyone should have a Denton to go home to.

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