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Donuts in the Dark

I have a new favorite donut place. Sweeties in Commerce, TX. I limit myself to one trip a week so that I don't gain 300 pounds. But, still, my new favorite donuts. Have not had a variety that wasn't best in class - cinnamon roll, maple roll, apple fritter, chocolate.

My usual splurge day is Monday. Today was no different. BUT, I left early this morning plus it's the last day of September, so I got there in the dark. This made me sad.

I struggle with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I spend most of the winter in "the blues" - pessimistic, low energy, reduced interest in social activities. And, so this morning when I realized I wasn't THAT much earlier than normal and yet it was still DARK, DARK, that made me panic a little. I've got 6 months of this. And, my new job has NO windows. This winter will require some serious coping skills.

I have one of these little treasures:

But that's kinda like having a FitBit and leaving it on your dresser or having a gym membership and driving past it on your way to work every day. It only works if you use it.

So, I'm firing mine up.

Meanwhile, I ate my donut in the dark this morning. Oh, I also wore white - because I can. Which means, that - in the dark - eating a chocolate donut - I didn't notice the chocolate smudge on my pants. Bummer.

I know, I know how petty this sounds. And, on a summer day when I got home to 3 more hours of daylight, I would have laughed at it. But I couldn't laugh this morning. I cried a little.

And, so my quest begins - to see the sun as often as I can every day, throughout the day. Wish me luck!


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