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10 albums/ 10 days

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

This is one of those Facebook challenges. I'm posting about it here so I don't forget and let my Facebook buddy down. Here's hoping I can remember to add these to Facebook every day! (spoiler alert: I failed miserably, see below.)

Playing along on this FB challenge was difficult for me. But I was tagged by one of my favorite colleagues ever, Tony Bowen, so I made a valiant effort.

In chronological order of their influence on me:

Day 1

Day 1: 10 albums in 10 days. Post an album each day that defined your taste in music. Any album by The Eagles. I owned 3-4 of them in vinyl. I own the whole discography in digital form. A couple years ago my sister and I went to a concert (finally). It was fantastic - with son Deacon Frey and Vince Gill joining Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy Schmit.

Day 2

I can't figure out which Live Album it is. But it is Queen. I know it has "You're my Best Friend" on it. And, I know it was pre-1987. But I can't find a live album with that song in the set list. So, who knows. But, anyway, this turned me on to Queen. Also, unlike The Eagles, I don't own the whole discography digitally, but probably 80% of it. I had this one on cassette. (Turned out it was "Live Killers".)

Day 3

Van Halen, 5150. On cassette. I listened to it constantly as soon as it was released all the way through the summer semester at UNT. I even wrote a paper about one of the songs - I think "Why Can't this be Love" - in my Poetry and Drama class that summer. I wrote my final paper in that class about "Big John" by Jimmy Dean, proving that I had eclectic taste in music. I made an "A" in the class.

Days 4 & 5: I missed Day 4 of 10 albums/ 10 days, so I did Days 4 and 5 together. As you'll see, this didn't work out particularly well.

Day 4 (should have been Day 5)

This is c. 1988-90. During my recovery from a bad head injury, I loved Sandi Patti. I still do. Her live album from 1983 was my go-to during that time. And, though it's not on that album, this cut is my all time favorite performance of any hymn:

Day 5 (should have been Day 6)

My 5th album is Garth Brooks' self-titled first album. This launched a 30-year-long return to my Country roots that is still going - along with some eclectic detours - see below!

Day 6 (should have been Day 7)

A couple friend turned us on to Robert Earl Keen, No 2. Live Dinner. Bootleg cassette, but have long since made amends. After The Eagles, REK is the artist whose discography I own in the highest proportions. Plus, I've seen him in concert more than once. Belongs in the top 10 lyricists of the last 100 years. (Witness: Shades of Gray, Gringo Honeymoon, Willie, Wolf and Mama Bear)

Day 7 (should have been on Day 4)

I forgot one that I planned when I started. U2 Rattle and Hum. This should have been on Day 4 - if I had managed to go in chronological order of the albums' influence in my life. I still follow U2. Had a mad fangirl crush on The Edge "back in the day".

Days 8, 9, 10 in the 10 albums, 10 days. Well, I really flubbed the 2nd half of this exercise (entering 5 & 6 in a single day, Skipping 4 and doing it on Day 7. And, finally finishing up 8-10 all in one day. So, here they are:

Day 8

A homemade digital collection of Harry Potter fan music, that includes a studio cut that I still play by Switchblade Kittens called, "Ode to Ginny Weasley". During this time, I also dressed as a Holyhead-Harpies-era Ginny for Halloween, complete with long, red hair.

Day 9

A double because I can't choose between either Yellow or Pink Umbrella by Cary Cooper. When I think of Cary's music, I always think of the quote I first heard when talking about Prince, but that I now associate with all my favorite musicians: "We don't cry because we knew them, we cry because they helped us know ourselves." Well, Cary is still very much alive - THANK GOODNESS - and still making music. Nevertheless, I always revel in the fact that in her case, I get the privilege of knowing her AND learning about myself through her music. Thanks, Cary!

Day 10

Some Stevie Nicks compilation that I can no longer find. But it had everything on it. "Leather and Lace," "Landslide," "Rhiannon," except "Sara" and "Gypsy". But really, anything Stevie or Fleetwood Mac could go here.

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